Giving Back

Martin Cradick & Su Hart of Baka Beyond set up the charity Global Music Exchange (GME), named “One Heart” by the Baka Women in 1995. GME makes sure that any royalties due to Baka musicians either goes direct to them, or is used in projects that they have control of.

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GbinĂ©, the village that grew around the Music House[slideshow_deploy id=’99’]
GME also works to encourage people to value their traditional music and dance in a world where both religion and modern fashion are doing their best to wipe it out. See the GME SITE

Over the years Martin Cradick has recorded much Baka music and has released several albums of theirs, both of traditional and modern music composed and performed by the Baka musicians. These have helped fund projects carried out at Gbiné
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In February 2014 GME organised a pilot “Forest Voices Tour”. They are currently fund-raising to do another at the end of this year, an event where the boosts from will be introduced as well.

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In December 2005 and 2006 GME helped organise the “Thousand Stars Festival” in Arba Minch, Ethiopia, and in January 2010 they organised the “Under the Volcano” Festival of traditional Music & Dance in Limbe, Cameroon. Performers from 7 of the 10 Cameroon regions took part.

The original Afro-Celtic danceband