After the Tempest – (MAHA CD36) – 2014
“An utterly mind blowing world music release…..” – Midwest Record
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Baka Beyond the Forest – (MAHA CD28) – 2009
“Martin Cradick weaves his magic spell again with the Baka music of the Cameroon rainforest…..”
– Joe Boyd

Baka Live – (MAHA CD26) – 2007
Baka Beyond on tour with Baka Gbiné
Rhythm Tree – (MAHA CD20) – 2003
Baka Beyond continue their project of combining musical elements of Celtic Europe with the Baka people of the Cameroon rainforest.
East to West – (MAHA CD18) – 2001
The fifth Baka Beyond studio album where they perfected the blend of Gaelic and Celtic music with earthy African rhythms
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EtE – (MAHA CD17) – 2001
Martin Cradick, Nii Tagoe and Seckou Keita of “Baka Beyond” formed a project, “EtE” which means triangle in Gha (Nii’s native tongue)
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Sogo – (HNCD1450) – 2000
4 musicians from West Africa and 4 musicians from the Celtic fringes of Europe join Baka Beyond to consolidate the lineup
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Journey Between – (HNCD1415) – 1998
Journey Between is a fitting addition to a stunning and ever-evolving series.
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Live & Pedal-Powered – (MAHA CD11) – 1997
This is the first bicycle-powered digital recording ever (as far as we know). Powered by the amazing Rinky Dink bicycle-powered sound system.
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Meeting Pool – (HNCD1388) – 1995
The Meeting Pool is an uplifting collection of tunes based on the traditional music of the Baka Forest People
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Spirit of the Forest – (HNCD1377) – 1993
The award winning first Baka Beyond album. Music inspired by Martin Cradick’s first visit to the Baka Pygmies in 1992. The birth of the band Baka Beyond
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The original Afro-Celtic danceband