by M Cradick, N Tagoe & S Keita from Baka Beyond

“Since 1999 Martin Cradick, Nii Tagoe and Seckou Keita have all played together in the internationally aclaimed “Baka Beyond”. During 2001 they formed a new project, “EtE” which means triangle in Gha (Nii’s native tongue) and released an album of the same name. With melodies to touch the heart, rhythms to touch the feet and virtuoso performances on balafon (African xylophone), kora (African harp), guitar and mandolin as well as a range of percussion instruments, this is music to feed the soul!

“EtE have the ability to weave a spell that will enchant any audience and take them on a journey through uncharted musical waters. Mixing traditions, ancient and modern, from UK, Ghana and Senegal they show that we should relish the diversity of cultures in the world whilst rejoicing in our common language of music.”

The original Afro-Celtic danceband